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24 Oct 2017, 07:00AM
Grades Fall Concert, 7:00pm
25 Oct 2017, 08:00AM
FFA National Convention, Indianapolis
26 Oct 2017, 08:00AM
FFA National Convention, Indianapolis
26 Oct 2017, 04:30PM
MS Girls BB at St. Benedict
27 Oct 2017, 08:00AM
HS VB State, TBA


Who: Currently enrolled Jackson Heights student who turns the age of 14 on or before June 26.

Cost: $130 due by April 6. Checks can be made out to USD 335. Please write the students name in the memo.

Online Classroom: Like the last five years, we will be using an online driver’s education course to fulfill the classroom portion of driver education. The students will be given a book and password and will complete the required work on line at their own pace. There will be a deadline. The final will be taken at JHHS and supervised by Mr. Nilges.

In Car Instruction: Driving will begin for some as soon as May 22. Most will drive at least 6 hours (Depending on mastery of driving skills, some may drive more.) The instructor will determine the students driving times (approximately 5 different days driving and observing up to 3 other drivers).

Parent Meeting/Enrollment: April 6 at 6:00 pm. All students and parents are required to attend this meeting. There will be more detailed information given on all of this. The STUDENTS will need to fill out paperwork that cannot be filled out by anyone other than the student enrolled in the course. They will need to know their full legal name, address, date of birth, weight, height, and eye color. If you have a current license please bring it to the meeting.

Enrollment Forms can be found here.