Cobra Continuous Learning Overview

USD 335 Continuous Learning Philosophy: USD 335 is committed to providing quality teaching and learning through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Our continuous learning program will continue to be aligned to state standards, designed to challenge students at their individual level, and prepare them for the following school year.  Our program will focus on quality instruction and content delivery, appropriate workload for students, and daily feedback and communication between students, parents, and teachers.

 No Internet Access---Some solutions are in the table below.  We are currently working with Internet providers in an effort to help families with no Internet access.


Soldier Christian Church


Circleville Christian Church


There is a JBN/Giant hotspot in town that will be available to students.


Community Building-Rainbow has agreed to restore access for free for the remainder of the school year.  The Baptist Church will also be available.

 Important Notes for PK-12 families

  • PK-12 instruction will primarily be delivered online.
  • No Kansas State Assessments will be administered this year.
  • All activities on the school calendar are cancelled until further notice.
  • Parents can expect to get orientation about how instruction will be delivered next week.

 Jackson Heights Elementary School Notes

  • No 4th quarter grades—Teachers will focus on providing quality feedback to students.
  • There will be optional enrichment opportunities for music, PE and art.
  • Individualized reading intervention appointments will be made for Title I students.
  • There will be staggered grade level instructional times and teacher office hours.
  • Paper packets will be a learning option.

Jackson Heights High School & Middle School Notes

  • Middle school students will be able to get their school laptops.
  • The USD 335 Board of Education will be taking action to suspend 27 graduation requirements to reduce it to the state minimum of 21 credits for the Class of 2020.
  • Students with failing grades as of March 5 will be given tasks to improve grades.  Completion of these tasks will be up to each individual student.
  • Driver’s Education class is postponed for now because the 6 foot distance requirement would also apply to drive time.  Mr. Nilges recommends that if you are 14 and have not already, go to the DMV and get your learner's permit or farmer's permit ASAP. You must have this for at least 1 year before you get your restricted license.

Please note:  This is a general overview to explain the general direction of the USD 335 educational services for all Cobra families.  More specific details will be provided next week as teachers prepare for our new instructional framework.