Cobra Continuous Learning

Monday, March 30 marks the start of the Cobra Continuous Learning Program. Plans and schedules have gone out for both schools and we anticipate lots of questions as everyone adjusts to online learning.

Important continuous learning information for JHES includes: 

• Teachers will be focusing primarily on math and ELA instruction for the remainder of the school year. The degree to which your children will participate with instructional activities is up to you. 

• Lots of resources are being provided to give parents a variety of options and to ease the burden of finding curriculum for families. Sharing resources is not intended to create more stress during this difficult time. There is no expectation to do it all. 

 • Instructional videos are being made to accommodate the unique scheduling needs of all families. 

• The best time to contact teachers is during office hours. 

• There will be multiple 30 minute enrichment sessions available on a weekly basis. PK-6 art enrichment will on Tuesdays at 2:00 with Mrs. Morris. If you’d like to participate in PE enrichment, mark your calendar for Workout Wednesday with Miss Carson. PK-2 will be at 1:00 and 3rd-6th grade will be at 1:30. Music enrichment is on Thursdays. PK-2 will be at 1:00 and 3rd-6th grade will be at 1:30. 

• We know that students are struggling with lots of different feelings and missing their peers right now. Students can participate in weekly online class meetings to have some social time facilitated by JHES teachers. 

• IEP services will be ongoing for the remainder of the school year. Special education teachers have begun reaching out to families this week to discuss service options.

Important continuous learning information for Jackson Heights High School & Middle School includes: 

• All teachers will have office hours 8:00-10:00 Monday-Thursday and 8:00-3:30 on Fridays.

 • Students will be expected to complete one task per week for each class that will be introduced on Monday for 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th hours and Tuesday for 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th hours. Optional curriculum extensions can be provided. 

 • Weekly assignments will be graded and second semester grades will be given to middle and high school students. 

• No tests will be administered for the remainder of the school year. 

• Wednesdays and Thursdays will be primarily devoted to interaction and work time in Google Classroom. Middle and high school students are very familiar with Google Classroom. The Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom has been posted on the district social media pages. Paras have been added to Google Classroom to work with students who have inclusion support. 

• Students can continue to access counseling services and scholarship support with Mrs. Alley.  A Google resource folder has also been posted on district social media. 

• Washburn Tech students need to follow Washburn Tech guidance for meeting class requirements and successfully finishing out the school year.

Parents, please remember you have always been your child's first and best teacher and USD 335 has always been partners with you in your child's education.Here's a link with 9 tips for parents navigating online learning:…/tips-for-parents-online-learni…. In addition to teacher support, parents can call the school offices next week on Monday and Tuesday during regular school hours with questions, concerns or technology needs.