Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

What do you say we look for rainbows in this gloomy time?  A rainbow scavenger hunt could be just the family fun you have been looking for to brighten up these dull days.  Here's a simple to use tool to record the hunt and a few rainbow scavenger hunt ideas:

  • A simple to use rainbow sheet can be printed at: http://thelittlesandme.com/wp-...
  • 15 rainbow scavenger hunts can be found at: https://inspirationlaboratorie...
  • Rainbow hunt variations can be done by playing again with specific categories such as animals, foods, or flowers.
  • Clues can be written for items of different colors to be found and increase the level of difficulty.

Family rainbow hunt photos can be sent to adrianne.walsh@jhcobras.net to put in our district website page by April 4 or shared on this Facebook post.  Have fun Cobras!