Track & Field

On April 26, the middle school track team competed in the Holton MS Invitational.  There were several Cobra highlights from the meet.  Way to go, Cobras!

8th Grade Boys

  • Titus Eisenbarth-4th in triple jump, 6th in 200m 
  • Korbin Karns-2nd in 400m, 4th in 800m
  • Jacob Lacey-6th in 800m, 4th in 3200m, 4th in high jump
  • JW Moore-5th in 400m 
  • Jace Robinson-6th in 1600m
  • Josh Smith-1st in high jump, 1st in long jump
  • Landon Wahquahboshkuk-5th in 200m 
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Eisenbarth, Karns, Smith, Wahquahboshkuk)-1st place
  • 4x400 Relay Team (Robinson, Moore, Eisenbarth, Karns)-3rd place

7th Grade Boys

  • Ian Allen-2nd in triple jump, 3rd in 800m, 3rd in 3200m
  • Teagan Bowhay-3rd in 400m 
  • Talen Browning-4th in 1600m
  • Jace Doyle-6th in discus
  • Anthony Gulotta-5th in discus
  • Drake Mellies-1st in 400m, 1st in triple jump
  • Kyson Proffitt-3rd in 100m, 3rd in high jump, 3rd in long jump
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Mellies, Hewitt, Bowhay, Proffitt)-1st place
  • 4x200 Relay Team (Hewitt, Browning, Gulotta, Eisenbarth)-3rd place
  • 4x400 Relay Team (Allen, Bowhay, Mellies, Hewitt)-3rd place

8th Grade Girls

  • Taylor Bosley-1st in long jump, 2nd in triple jump, 4th in high jump
  • Savannah Cattrell-3rd in discus
  • Emirson Fritz-6th in 400m, 5th in 800m
  • Makinley Mulroy-2nd in 200m, 2nd in 400m, 2nd in 100m hurdles
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Mulroy, Cattrell, Buck, Bosley)-3rd place

7th Grade Girls

  • Madi Bacon-1st in 1600m
  • Chesnea Cochren-1st in discus, 2nd in shot put, 6th in 400m
  • Brynn Shupe-2nd in high jump, 3rd in 400m
  • Brooke Slipke-4th in 800m, 6th in long jump
  • Emma Sides-5th in long jump
  • Emmarae Thompson-4th in 100m, 5th in 200m, 3rd in 100m hurdles
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Sides, Shupe, Bacon, Thompson)-1st place
  • 4x400 Relay Team (Sides, Cochren, Bacon Shupe)-4th place