Track & Field

The MS Cobra track team traveled to Rossville for their third track meet of the week.  Nine teams competed in the track meet.  The team rankings at the end of 15 events were as follows:  7th grade girls-5th place with 47 points, 8th grade girls-6th place with 42 points, 7th grade boys-7th place with 53.5 points and 8th grade boys-5th place with 57.2 points.

7th Grade Girl Results

  • Madi Bacon-8th in 1600m
  • Chesnea Cochren-2nd in discus
  • Brynn Shupe-4th in shot put, tied for 5th in high jump
  • Emma Sides-5th in long jump, 6th in 400m
  • Brooke Slipke-7th in 3200m
  • Emmarae Thompson-6th in 100m, 6th in 75m hurdles
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Sides, Bacon, Shupe, Thompson)-3rd place
  • 4x200 Relay Team (Carlson, Karns, Richter, Sparks)-8th place

8th Grade Girl Results

  • Taylor Bosley-2nd in long jump, 4th in triple jump and 5th in high jump
  • Jennifer Buck-8th in 100m, 8th in shot put, 8th in discus
  • Savannah Cattrell-4th in discus
  • Makinley Mulroy-4th in 200m, 6th in 400m and 6th in 75m hurdles
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Bosley, Mulroy, Buck, Cattrell)-3rd place

7th Grade Boy Results

  • Ian Allen-2nd in 800m, 3rd in 3200m, 6th in triple jump
  • Drake Mellies-1st in triple jump, 3rd in 400m
  • Kyson Proffitt-4th in 100m, 4th in high jump, 6th in long jump
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Mellies, Hewitt, Bowhay, Proffitt)-5th place
  • 4x200 Relay Team (Hewitt, Gulotta, Browning, Eisenbarth)-8th place
  • 4x400 Relay Team (Allen, Bowhay, Hewitt, Mellies)-6th place

8th Grade Boy Results

  • Titus Eisenbarth-8th in triple jump
  • Korbin Karns-6th in 400m, 6th in 800m
  • JW Moore-7th in 400m, 8th in shot put
  • Josh Smith-1st in high jump, 1st in long jump, 3rd in 100m
  • Landon Wahquahboshkuk-6th in 200m, 8th in 100m, 8th in 400m
  • 4x100 Relay Team (Eisenbarth, Karns, Smith, Wahquahboshkuk)-1st place
  • 4x400 Relay Team (Eisenbarth, Karns, Moore, Robinson)-5th place