Track & Field

Monday was a great day for our first home track meet of the 2021 season.  Holton, Sabetha, JCN, Valley Falls, Everest, Troy and Atchison County all competed with the JHMS Cobra Track team.  After 15 events, the 7th grade girls and boys both ended the meet with second place team finishes.  The 8th grade girls team earned 3rd place with 71 points and the 8th grade boys earned 4th place with 54 points.

Here are the individual results for your Cobras:

7th Grade Girls

  • Madi Bacon-5th in triple jump, 6th in 100m dash
  • Chesnea Cochren-2nd in discus
  • Emmarae Thompson-2nd in 200m dash, 4th in 75m hurdles
  • Emma Sides-4th in long jump, 5th in 400m dash
  • Coralynn Karns-7th in 1600m run
  • Brooke Slipke-2nd in 3200m run
  • 4x100 relay team (Thompson, Bacon, Sides, Shupe)-1st place
  • 4x200 relay team (Sparks, Richter, Karns, Slipke)-5th place
  • Medley relay team (Shupe, Thompson, Bacon, Sides)-3rd place
  • In shot put, the Lady Cobras went 1, 2, 3!  Chesnea Cochren was first place, Brynn Shupe was 2nd place, and Alexis Richter was 3rd place.

7th Grade Boys

  • Ian Allen-3rd in 800m run, 3rd in 3200m run, 6th in triple jump
  • Talen Browning-5th in 1600m run
  • Jace Doyle-3rd in discus
  • Anthony Gulotta-5th in discus
  • Kyson Proffitt-1st in 100m dash, 1st in high jump, 1st in long jump
  • Drake Mellies-5th in 400m dash, 5th in triple jump
  • 4x100 relay team (Mellies, Bowhay, Hewitt, Proffitt)-2nd place
  • 4x200 relay team (Hewitt, Bowhay, Browning, Gulotta)-3rd place
  • Medley relay team (Allen, Bowhay, Hewitt, Mellies)-2nd place

8th Grade Girls

  • Taylor Bosley-1st in long jump, 1st in triple jump, 2nd in high jump
  • Jennifer Buck-4th in 100m dash, 6th in discus
  • Savannah Cattrell-2nd in discus
  • Makinley Mulroy-1st in 200m dash, 2nd in 400m dash, 4th in 75m hurdles
  • 4x100 relay team (Mulroy, Cattrell, Buck, Bosley)-2nd place

8th Grade Boys

  • Landan Gauge-6th in 100m dash
  • Korbin Karns-2nd in 800m run, 4th in 400m dash
  • JW Moore-5th in shot put
  • Josh Smith-3rd in high jump, 4th in triple jump
  • 4x100 relay team (Eisenbarth, Karns, Smith, Wahquahboshkuk)-2nd place
  • 4x200 relay team (Eisenbarth, Moore, Gauge, Wahquahboshkuk)-3rd place
  • Medley relay team (Eisenbarth, Moore, Karns, Wahquahboshkuk)-2nd place