Leader Board

Here's a few Leader Board highlights from Miss Stewart's class:


  • Boys: Wamego-585, Coffman-435, Bacon-410
  • Girls:  Kilpatrick-295, Cochren-280, Dieckmann-250


  • Boys:  Wamego-435, Coffman-405, Schumann-375
  • Girls:  Brown-250, Kilpatrick & Dieckmann-215, Montgomery, Mulroy & Woltje-195


  • Boys:  Wamego & Schumann-275, White-250, Coffman & Woltje-235
  • Girls:  Cochren-120, Mulroy & Thompson-110, Dieckmann, Kilpatrick & Woltje-105

Remember, Cobra Summer Weights begins tomorrow.  Students can come in the morning 7:00-8:30 AM or in the evening 6:00-7:30 PM.  Who will be next on the Cobra Leader Board?