Dear Jackson Heights USD 335,

We want to make your families aware that they may qualify for a new temporary Emergency Broadband Benefit (“EBB”) discount of up to $50 per month that the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) established.  We want everyone who is eligible to receive this EBB discount, so we appreciate you notifying your families.

 The EBB discount on broadband service requires the family to complete an application at www.jbntelco.com.  The attached brochure describes the qualifications.  After completing the computer application, they receive an approval number that should be provided to us to add the discount to their broadband bill.  If they prefer, a paper application can be completed but that takes longer to get approved. 

 If they currently do not subscribe to broadband service from our company but would like to purchase broadband service and qualify to receive the EBB discount of up to $50 per month, our office can assist them in signing up for service. 

 The EBB discount is not available on voice-only services.  If they currently have a voice-only service, we may be able to provide a bundle for almost no additional cost if they qualify for EBB for as long as the EBB discount continues.

The broadband service must be used monthly to receive the EBB discount.  

 If you have questions, please call the JBN Telephone Office at: 785-866-2310

or email at ebb@jbntelco.com.


JBN Telephone Management