Sabrina Streeter Wins "Mother's Day Essay"

My mother Kim is so important to me. I could never survive in the real world without her. My mother and I have been through so much together. She is my best friend! She has six kids, four boys, and two girls. And yes, I’m the youngest. Right now it’s just my mom and me in our house! Like a lighthouse in a storm, she was always guiding me. Who else could replace my mom? No one! A world without my mom is a world I couldn’t survive in. She deserves so much more. Out of a billion people in the world I was put with my mom, Kim. I’m so grateful for that. She constantly works so hard all the time. She is such a marvelous mother and best friend. She works at Banner Creek Animal Hospital and is a receptionist/who works with dogs all the time. She was an athlete in school. I guess that’s where I get my athletic ability from! My mom is so strong and brave. She is a great role model. When times get hard, she is with me the whole way. I hope to be just like my mother when I become one. She has shown me to not care what other people think, to forgive, and to love no matter what. She held my hand when I was falling.

I love you, mom.