Quizlet is an online learning platform that allows users to search and create flashcards and test themselves on those flashcards in a variety of ways. If you look up a particular set of flashcards on Quizlet, there is a good chance that another student or teacher has already created a set for the exam you are preparing for. Quizlet is a free platform that also includes premium options. 

Quizlet Learn, available exclusively to paying subscribers, is a fantastic resource to help you achieve specific study goals. Quizlet lets you specify your study objectives, such as whether you want to learn everything or get a basic idea. The next question is about how fast you want to reach your goal. Then, your current level of knowledge on the subject is determined.

The website now offers a personalized learning course based on the student's answers. For instance, it may recommend users begin studying with multiple choice questions and then move to cards; if the student can answer all the questions on the cards correctly, they are done. The site displays their progress at the close of each round of learning, indicating how many words or cards they have learned and how many are left to learn.